Brewhouse Beers Are the Spice of Life

I can't help it. I am a relentless seeker of variety in life. Except, of course, in the areas of men and dogs, which is a great comfort to my husband and to my laughing lab.

This can be a burden (or an adventure) when it comes to ordering from a menu, staring into my closet, driving the route to work, and the countless other activities I engage in during the regularly scheduled programming of my existence.

This is a non-issue for my husband, the famous Mike Bristol. Show him a menu, and he's going to order chicken parm every time. Take a look in his closet and you will see no shortage of khaki pants. For him, it's khaki pants every day of his life. Except in the summer when he mixes it up a bit: khaki shorts. This strategy works and I am happy for him. In my world, however, such allegiance to the beaten path would surely drive me to madness.

Which is why our Brewhouse Series makes me so happy.

This relatively new series is a collection of slightly more adventurous beers we release on a limited basis to complement our flagship beers and seasonals. Naturally, these brews originate in our brewhouse--where our brewers can get a little creative, and where--say it with me--variety is the spice of life.

You may recognize some of these Brewhouse beauties we’ve already released this year:

Bristol’s Old Ale
Bristol’s Wit
Bristol’s Imperial IPA

But wait, there’s more. We’ve just released our RyePA, and next up will be a luscious Scotch Ale. We’ll end the year with our quite-festive Christmas Ale, and we may even throw another one in there, if our brewers can find the capacity.

All of this means that next time you and I are hankering for variety, there’s sure to be a fine Bristol brew available to answer the call. Just ask for the current beer in the Bristol Brewhouse Series, and your bartender will oblige with something tasty on draught you may not have tried before. Or check out the bomber cooler of your favorite liquor store and look for our Brewhouse bombers. Nothing like something a little different to sweep the old cobwebs out of the rafters and keep things fresh, am I right?

See you around the brewery,
Amanda Bristol